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If you’re camera-shy, you may find that classic bridal portraits are more nerve-wracking to shoot than action shots or candids. Especially when you’re featured solo,
What do you do with your hands?
Should you smile or act serious? How do you pick the perfect location?


It’s one of the happiest days of your life, so you should definitely smile! But having a serious or serene expression can result in incredibly timeless photos for your wedding day,”

So Smile and No stress

If you are worried and angry about something, it will show in your photos. Just have fun and enjoy the day! Consider hiring a day-of coordinator to do the worrying for you,”

You can add some fun part as depend on your photographer , here in kanganfilms do care for all this

Just keep in mind that while it’s great to get ideas, your photos will ultimately turn out differently due to a myriad of factors including location,

wardrobe, lighting, and more.

Work together with your photographer to come up with a customized approach rather than asking them to replicate poses exactly.


“A happy bride in front of a gorgeous backdrop makes for showstopping photos”