Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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Tips and tricks of choosing a photographer by Shashi Kant Creative Director, For a photographer getting the picture perfect is the most important aspect. So, he makes sure that every significant detail is in focus. It is essential to discuss the decor and lighting of the venue with your photographer Dull lighting and decor can spoil the quality of the pictures taken on that day. Sometimes, the decor is not done professionally. Thus, it is essential to have a conversation with the photographer. Do not hire two teams for the bride and groom’s side It is advisable to have one team of photographers, otherwise there will be too many unwanted photographs, one team competing with the other. Be patient with your photographer Always remember to be patient and work well with your photographer. Lack of proper coordination may result in missing out on the moments which can become your memories. Equipment vs technique It is not always the photographer’s equipment that is most important. Primarily it is the photography technique that is the most integral part. Good to have a general idea of budget It is always fair to have a rough idea about your photography budget. Always remember that the cost can be negotiated and not the quality.